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About Consumer Law: Consumer law applies to government, public-interest organizations, individuals and businesses. It is for the establishment, protection and enforcement of the rights of people to buy products such as food, automobiles or services such as insurance. The basic consumer protection rights are (1) the right to safety; (2) the right to be informed; (3) the right to choose; and (4) the right to be heard.

Types of Consumer Law:

- Breach of Contract
- Collection Agencies Harassment
- Collections Matters
- Consumer Fraud
- Consumer Law
- Credit Issues
- Credit Reports
- Identity Theft
- Lemon Law
- Repossessions

What Consumer Lawyers can do for you: Incorrect or fraudulent information may cause major consumer problems. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) bears the primary responsibility for making sure that advertising and labeling are not false or misleading, but does not enforce consumer laws. Therefore, sometimes a buyer finds that the manufacturer or seller will not cooperate in resolving the complaint. A qualified consumer lawyer can help you settle any consumer claim successfully and make sure you get compensated monetarily for any pain and suffering.

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