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About Labor Law: Labor law governs the relationship between an employee and an employer and regulates the initial hiring process, job duties, wages, promotions, benefits, employment reviews, termination and any other area that deals with labor. Labor law includes litigation of unfair labor practices such as sexual discrimination and meal break issues, as well as protects employees from being harassed, discriminated against, wrongfully terminated and/or denied overtime or appropriate break times. Employees should be protected by labor law, getting their right to privacy, fair compensation, and freedom from discrimination.

Types of Labor Law:

- Age Discrimination
- Employer Representation
- Employment Contracts
- ERISA Benefits
- Gender or Sex Discrimination
- General Labor Law
- Independent Contractors
- Meal Breaks
- Overtime
- Public Sector Benefits
- Race Discrimination
- Religious Discrimination
- Restrictive Covenant
- Severance Package Negotiations
- Sexual Harassment
- Union Law
- Unpaid Reimbursements
- Wage and Hour Violations
- Wage Deductions
- Wrongful Termination

What Labor Lawyers can do for you: Labor lawyers can handle all types of labor law cases and offer mediation, arbitration, litigation, and appeals. If you are applying for a job or you are a current employee and you are experiencing labor law issues, a labor lawyer can help. A labor lawyer can review documents, research the law, interview witnesses, plan a legal strategy, and negotiate on your behalf, so you can avoid future problems.

Georgia Labor Lawyer Referral Service: A labor lawyer can help you settle labor law issues. Call Attorney Search Network today and we can help refer you to a Georgia labor lawyer who is knowledgeable about the different labor laws.

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